BIHR signed up with Gulf Aviation Academy to seek broader ties in the hospitality sector.

BIHR signed up with Gulf Aviation Academy to seek broader ties in the hospitality sector.

BIHR has taken a new leap that aims to broaden its ties in the hospitality and tourism sector in the country by signing a joint agreement with Gulf Aviation Academy, GAA, Bahrain. The partnership will benefit both the organisations by gaining access to world class training programmes designed to fit the needs in hospitality, tourism and aviation in the country.

 Mr. Hatim Dadabai, Managing Director of BIHR, quoted that, “this new milestone is aligned with BIHR’s commitment to providing the highest quality hospitality and tourism education in Bahrain with international standards and accreditations in alliance with Bahrain’s Economic Vision of 2030”.

Gulf Aviation Academy solely owned by Mumtalakat, renowned as the country’s leading aviation academy provides high end training and development to successful candidates to become successful and professional pilots, cabin crew, air traffic controllers, engineers and flight dispatchers. The Cabin Crew Training programme will allow trainees to benefit from GAA’s facilities that include Emergency Evacuation Training (EET) of A320, Wet Drill Training, Fire and Smoke Training and Cabin Service Mock- ups. This programme is being extended to BIHR and will commence by 2020. 

Captain Dhaffer Al Abbasi, CEO of GAA, quoted on the joint agreement the following, “GAA is happy to collaborate with BIHR by offering its cabin crew training program to BIHR’s interested students once they complete their hospitality program, to further develop their skills and join the aviation industry and to guide them on how to pursue a career professionally in this industry. This collaboration will also add value to Bahrainisation as the joint program could build a base for the students’ future and broaden their career options in the hospitality and aviation field.”

GAA’s UK Accredited Cabin Crew training services will be an extra feather for BIHR Students in their career path. Similarly, GAA Trainees will have the opportunity to study with BIHR, avail the Swiss hospitality accredited programmes and work in its partner hotels.

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