Academic Audit - HTMi Visit

Academic Audit - HTMi Visit

Mr. Hatim Dadabai, Managing Director of BIHR and owner of Dadabai Holding, revealed in a press conference that BIHR is committed to continuously provide the highestqualityeducation inthefield of hospitalityandtourism in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Hence, BIHR accreditation with HTMi, Sorenberg, Switzerland successively provides an internationallyrecognizedacademicstandardfor theindustryrequirements in the country.

Mr. Charles Hains MSc., CHE | Head of Culinary Academy | B.H.M.S. | Business & Hotel Management Schoolfrom Switzerland had conducted the 2018 Academics Quarterly Audits for Bahrain Institute of Hospitality and Retail – Hotel & Tourism Management Institute – BIHR HTMi Bahrain Campus on 18 – 19thof April 2018. BIHR’s newly upgraded state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, had been inspected rigorously during the two (2) day audits.

Mr. Ali Sulaibeekh, Director of BIHR has quoted that, “Tamkeen and the Ministry of Labour and Social Development being strategic partners of BIHR – HTMi are in great flourishing support to attaining Bahrain Economic Vision of 2030, ensuring placements and development for  Bahrainis in the hospitality and tourism industry”.


Mr. Nigel Viegas, Executive Director commented that, “This measures of Quality Control and Quality Assurance and Audits is an onset for ensuring that the institute is in the right path shaping our students accordingly as innovative leaders, ready to face the ever growing global challenges in the world of hospitality and tourism. Hence, we encourage the youth and the unemployed to join our programmes accredited by HTMi Switzerland”.

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